The Red Door

The Red Door

The Red Door, originally uploaded by SewerDoc.

Nothing beats red for making a bold statement. It’s no wonder that a house with a red door is an image that stands out for many writers and artists. Who could forget such a stunning sight?

The perfect shade of red on this building is even more memorable because of the contrast of white trim and green vines. The combination looks rustic and luxe all at once.

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Orange Thirst

Orange Soda by pinkbutterflyofdeath

Orange Soda

by pinkbutterflyofdeath

Is it orange soda, peach nectar, or iced tea? Whatever flavor it looks like to the viewer, it is undoubtedly refreshing. The bright orange color seems to guarantee sweetness. Or perhaps it is the brightly colored straws that makes the orangeness really pop. Without them, it could just be a really beautiful glass of liquid fiber supplement.

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A Blue Fairy

WIP: Blue Fey
Created by Faerydae.

Nothing says extraordinary like blue skin! Artists often use colorful skin tones to accentuate a character’s fantastic nature. Perhaps we are more willing to believe that a fairy or alien is not of this world of they are green, or orange, or blue.

This piece is truly lovely. The combination of blueness, gems, and extra long antennae really make this fairy something special.

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The Egg or the Apple

Yellow Apple by Zajac

Yellow Apple, originally uploaded by Zajac.

The poor yellow apple is so very neglected. Have you ever seen an ABC book with a yellow apple under A? Gifts for teachers always have red apples on them. Cartoon characters never toss non-red apples at each other. For some reason, our minds can only recognize an artist’s rendering of an apple if it is red.

For an art assignment once, I had to attempt to color in an apple drawing, using only blue or purple pencils. To get an A, the apple had to look red. Apparently the brain automatically searches for the red color when presented with the shape of an apple. But is that caused by nature, or years of shiny red apple drawings all over our school classrooms?

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