The Easter Robin

My First Robin Eggs by visiblejoy

My First Robin Eggs
Photo Credit: visiblejoy.

The eggs that we buy in the store, while incredibly nutritious and tasty, are pretty dull aesthetically. They come in a few different sizes, and the color choices are limited to white and brown. They aren’t very exciting. So when Easter comes along, and we have a reason to make our eggs pink and green and purple, it seems like a real treat.

We often forget that nature takes the prize when it comes to creating beautiful and colorful eggs. Between birds and lizards, there are some pretty amazing egg designs out there. The speckled eggs, and those with bright coloring, are the most memorable. Robin’s eggs are often a favorite, though I doubt anyone would want the real thing in their basket.

Happy Spring!

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Red is Sassy

Hey Carmen Treasury by alatvian

Hey Carmen

Is there anything more sensual and sassy than the color red?  Why else would lipstick come in so many different shades of it?  Red is one of the most used colors for advertising and product labels, because it inspires feelings of hunger and desire.  When we see something red, we instantly want it.

This treasury pairs deep, enticing reds with equally sexy black, with exotic results.

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Pink Paradise

Pink Parasol by Heaven's Gate

Pink Parasol, originally uploaded by Heaven`s Gate (John).

Pink is one of nature’s most interesting colors. Wherever there is pink, there is something wonderful to see – from newborn puppies to beautiful flowers.

Bright, vibrant shades of pink like this one are often reminiscent of exotic places. Where else could you find hot pink parrots, fuchsia flowers, and electric sunsets?

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Good Morning Green

Cherryies on Lime Plate Clock by MakingTimeEtc

Cherries on Lime Plate Clock

Created by makingtimetc

Is there any color that says “Good morning!” with more vim than lime green?  Just looking at it can inspire energy and cheer.  Imagine shuffling into your kitchen to put on the coffee every morning, and being greeted by bright and happy ceramics with pretty green glaze.  Wouldn’t waffles with strawberries or cherries would look even more delicious when contrasted against a bright green plate?

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Purple Sunset


Originally uploaded by _ØяAcLә_.

Is there anyone who is not moved by a beautiful sunset? The amazing colors, shadows and effects that occur as the sun dips below the horizon have been the subject of so much poetry and art that it has probably entered the realm of cliche.

When you see a technicolor sunset, does it bring you joy or sadness? Although gorgeous, the most surreal of twilight displays are often caused by air pollution. It’s one of life’s cruel ironies.

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