Kiss Me Red

Etsy Picks: Kiss Me Red

Kiss Me Red

Bright, candy apple red lipstick is a trend that comes and goes. Although true red is a tough color for many people to wear – it requires a certain kind of complexion to look just right – it is still the iconic cosmetic color. If someone asked you to draw a picture of a lipstick on a dresser, what color would the makeup be? Chances are, you would reach for the red crayon, rather than pink or peach.

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3 Responses to “Kiss Me Red”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Red is such a ‘happy’ colour!

  2. Triz Designs Says:

    I love this collection of red! thank you so much for including my Coral Lagoon Cuff!

  3. FaeryDustArt Says:

    Thanks so much for inlcuding my original watercolor painting, A Strange Encounter! I love the color red and this a great collection!

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