Pure White Beauty

Forgotten Land Prince Art Doll by Elze

Forgotten Land Prince Art Doll
by Elze

When you see something that is a perfect, clean white, do you have the urge to cover it with color?  Do you look at plain apartment walls and imagine brushing on the paint?  Does fresh paper make your fingers itch for markers and pencils?  Or perhaps you view a beautiful white sculpture and feel that it is perfect just the way it is.

According to some personality analyses, people who like the color white tend to prefer it over all other colors.  Perhaps this is because white is really all of them at once, and there’s no need to choose a second favorite.

How do you like your spectrum – all in one beam or in a fan of color?

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Happiness, Thy Name is Orange

Orange You Glad

Orange You Glad

The color orange is associated with energy, vim, and generosity.  People who love orange tend to be lively, lovable and strong-willed.  When we see orange, we think of warmth, comfort and happiness.

Hooray for orange!  What emotions does orange stir in you?

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Pretty Purple Periwinkles

Periwinkle Pair, originally uploaded by The Sage’s Cupboard.

Isn’t it amazing how nature seems to pair up contrasting colors perfectly? Some people, when viewing one of these lovely periwinkle flowers on a pure white background, might say they were blue. The faintness of the color does allow for a little doubt. But when seen in their natural environment, the green leaves make sure that the purple stands out.

Do you ever argue with friends about the color of an object?  What color do you see in this photo?

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