Seeing Red

Under The Sea

Under the Sea – Soft Coral and Sponges in the Gulf of Mexico
by Greenpeace

This photograph was taken during a recent dive by a team of scientists on behalf of Greenpeace.  They have been exploring ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, in an attempt to assess and predict the damages caused by the BP oil disaster.  Precious marine life is not only affected by the oil itself, but by toxic chemical dispersants used to clean up the spill.

If you could save just one species of sea creature, what would it be?  Can you think of one petrochemical product that you can live without, to help protect that creature?

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A Big Yellow Hug

Hello, Yellow! Treasury

Hello, Yellow!

Yellow is a hard color to wear, and doesn’t usually go with much.  It can be garish in home décor and tacky everywhere else…but it’s fantastic!

Yellow is the color of happiness, and friendship.  It’s a warm, cheerful color with lots of life.  Just try to look at banana, lemon or canary yellow and not feel great in that exact moment.

What yellow things make you happy?

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