What Color is Your Shirt?

Pink Shirt Day - In SL - April 14th

Are you wearing pink today?

International STAND UP to Bullying Day isn’t just for students, parents and teachers. Bullying can happen to anyone, regardless of age. Bullying Awareness Week – November 14th to 20th – aims to eliminate the innocent bystander factor, and teach everyone to recognize and stop bullying wherever it occurs.

Wear pink and help get people talking!

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The Royal Color

Passionate Purple Treasury

Because most shades of purple dyes were so hard to create, the color came to represent wealth and prosperity.  Today we have our pick of purple and violet treasures, but the color still gives a sense of luxury.

What’s your favorite purple?

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Deepest Blue

Deepest Blue Etsy Treasury

Why do we associate blue with sadness?  Perhaps it is because blue can also represent coldness.  The deeper shades can represent shadows and darkness.

Still, it’s hard to think sad thoughts while viewing such beautiful colors.  These shades of deep blue and indigo have a fantastic, almost magical quality.

What emotions does blue stir in you?

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