Nutty for Neutral

All the Beige Collection

Fashion neutrals – colors that can be paired with anything – are essential for any wardrobe.  When we think of beige and taupe, stockings and pleated slacks might be the first thing that comes to mind.

But tan and ivory can be so much more, as these fun picks show.  This under-appreciated color pairs up so well with more vibrant colors – especially jewel tones like blues and deep reds.

What’s your favorite neutral?

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A Technicolor Christmas

the pink christmas tree!

Like rules, one of the great things about traditions is that you can break them. Although it’s nice to pass down a ritual through the generations, it’s also fun to bust out of the norm and do something really outrageous.

By now, the pink Christmas tree isn’t uncommon, but it is fun to see something a little more out of the ordinary. Even when we love red, white and green during the holidays, a splash of color can inspire a lot of smiles.

If you could have a quirky tree in any color, what would it be?

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White as Snow

Snow White Collection

Is there anything more pure and beautiful than an untouched blanket of fresh snow? There’s something so soothing about looking out over a field or yard that has yet to be marked by the footprints of chilly travelers. And it’s also very exciting to drop down and make the first snow angel!

What do you love most about the whiteness of snow?

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Cozy and Green

Blue Spruce. White Snow.

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the fragrant scent of pine needles. Once a tree is tucked into a warm corner of the house, and decked with pretty decorations, the aroma can fill a whole room. It’s a soothing, green scent like no other.

What’s your favorite holiday fragrance?

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