Wearable Warm Beige

Beige Blossoms Bobby Pins by Khalliahdesign

Beige Blossoms Bobby Pins
by Khalliahdesign


Nothing chases away the cold of winter like a hot drink. Whether you’re into cocoa or cappuccino, there’s something about a warm mug, topped with foam, that brings instant comfort.

These lovely floral barrettes seem to capture that warmth, with a beautiful shade of natural beige. Plus, being a neutral color, they have plenty of fashion versatility.

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Lovely and Luscious Pink

Pink is for Lovers Collection

Pink has a lot of personalities. It’s the color for baby girls, bubblegum, and peppermint candies. But if you stop to think about it, pink can also be a very sensual color. It’s warm and playful – the perfect shade for lacy lingerie.

Don’t you think pink is romantic?

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Shine on Yellow!

Think Warm

Think Warm by Mortira featuring a mod coat

Have you ever felt a little glum from gray weather day after day, only to be cheered up by the sight of a bright yellow raincoat?

The appearance of a yellow slicker is charming in itself, but there’s something about that color that can turn any frown upside down. It’s warm and cheerful – a healthy color. Things that are yellow seem to have more zest and vim. Nothing makes the gray seem less complete the way yellow does.

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Not Quite Snow White

Birches in their Winter White

The beautiful and delicate white bark of a birch tree is one of nature’s many visual treats. It’s not only delightful in it’s own natural way, but also one of those rustic images that have stamped themselves on our subconscious.

It’s hard not to look at a view of birch trees in the snow, and not think of things like warm wood fires, sleigh bells, and log cabins.

What kinds of memories and emotions do you see in birch bark?

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