Red Shoes Rock

Paint the Town Collection

Red and fashion really go together. It’s such a classic, iconic color. And it can turn a pair of ordinary shoes into power shoes.

Imagine your favorite red thing as a different color. Does it lose some of it’s charm?

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Waves of Menthol

Turquoise is such a cool and refreshing color.  It’s one part stone, one part ocean, and one part menthol.  But one of these things is not like the others.  It’s interesting how we can associate colors with both natural and man made sensations and themes.

Do you prefer the natural, or synthetic moods of turquoise?

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Chartreuse Lime Splash

Colors are a feast for our eyes, but sometimes they have flavor, too.  It’s probably a cultural thing, but lime green and chartreuse just scream sour.  Perhaps it’s because we expect foods of this color to have a lot of zing, but maybe it’s something more.  Bright green things have a vim and vigor that can’t be ignored.

Does lime green make you want to pull a lemon face?

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Blue Heartache

Blue Heart

If a red heart is a symbol of love, is a blue heart a symbol of sadness?  It’s interesting that we still think of the heart as a source of emotion, even though science seems to prove otherwise.  The origins of the heart symbol are many and varied, but it is easily recognized wherever it goes.

When you think of hearts, what color do you see?

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