Pretty Pink Pop

Fuchsia Sequin Trim by Zazuta

It’s amazing how the right shade of pink can add life to an object. Clothing, art, food – they all get more notice with a pink that pops.

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In the Navy

Did you know that Great Britain is behind two of the best blues? Deep azure, or royal blue, is said to have been created for the wife of King George III. And that deepest of blues – and most colorful of neutrals – was named after the British Royal Navy. Both have been around since before the 1800’s.

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Alive with Orange

Orange Zest Collection

Orange is a lively color, full of vigor, vim and zest.  But to we perceive it that way because those qualities are also in the fruit?  Or is the fruit that way because of it’s color?

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A Silent Moment for Japan

Mardi Gras Purple

Mardi Gras

Get out your purple, green, and gold.  It’s Fat Tuesday!

The traditions and symbols surrounding the colors of Mardi Gras are much debated.  It is generally accepted that each color has a meaning.  For purple, it is Justice.  Perhaps it is this color that helps keep the celebrating going on a happy note.

Whatever color you wear, celebrate safely!

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The Two Greens

green shoes

Every color has it’s time and place, and it’s usually worth noticing when it wanders out of it’s usual zone. Green is one of the most divided colors, always falling between normal and strange.

Green plants are totally natural, but green hair is wild. A green shirt is smart, but green shoes make a statement.

Which side of green to you like best?

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