Show Your Orange

Unapologetic Orange

It’s interesting that fall is the time that we think of orange. Many of our favorite fall things are orange, like falling leaves, and pumpkins. Fall is also a time for change, dressing up, and showing your wild side. There couldn’t be a better color for fall than wild, zany orange.

What’s your favorite fall orange?

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A Parade of Beige

Rain on Your Parade


When in doubt, go with neutrals.

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Thesaurus Red

Unforgettable Red



If Nigella Lawson is remembered for all time by just one recipe, it will probably be Slut Red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly. The dessert is rumored to be even more surprising (in a delicious way) than the name.

That adjective is certainly interesting though. It cleverly makes it impossible for you to forget what the dish is called. Presumably, it is meant to imply intensity or seductiveness – all good qualities in a dessert.

What do you think?


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Cherry Mousse

With Cherries on Top

Why is it that adding a bit of white makes colors instantly appealing, as if they’ve been diluted by mounds of sugar and whipped cream, butter, or eggs?

Do pastel colors remind you of desserts?

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Purple Perplexities

Purple is a very contrary color. It is youthful and exuberant, and simultaneously sophisticated. Likewise, people who prefer the color purple are often imaginative, charismatic and poised, while also being restless and a bit scatterbrained. Or so they say.

What does purple bring out in you?

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In the Navy

Did you know that Great Britain is behind two of the best blues? Deep azure, or royal blue, is said to have been created for the wife of King George III. And that deepest of blues – and most colorful of neutrals – was named after the British Royal Navy. Both have been around since before the 1800’s.

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Waves of Menthol

Turquoise is such a cool and refreshing color.  It’s one part stone, one part ocean, and one part menthol.  But one of these things is not like the others.  It’s interesting how we can associate colors with both natural and man made sensations and themes.

Do you prefer the natural, or synthetic moods of turquoise?

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