The Call of Cobalt

Handmade in Cobalt Blue

When you see that unique shade of cobalt blue captured in glass, do you feel like you’re about to fall into an ocean? I think it would be warm and clear and full of exciting marine life. Cobalt blue glass is much better than a crystal ball.

What do you see?

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Aqua Seafoam

Handmade in Tropical Aqua Blue

Tropical blue is a wonderful mood enhancing color. If only it would jump off the page and wash right over you.

Can you imagine the warm sand, the salty air, and the gentle sounds of the surf?

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Orange Crush

Orange Slices Novelty Soap by YourTime















Orange and summer go together like beaches and sunsets. It’s a warm color, and the scent and taste of oranges is refreshing in hot weather.

Have you had your first orange creamsicle of the year yet?

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Margarita Summer

Handmade in Lime Collection

Lime green and chartreuse are perfect colors for summer. Not only are they bright and tropical, but very refreshing. There’s nothing like a cool margarita on a hot summer day.

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Sour Puss

I'm Swimming in Lemonade

When life gives you lemonade, make iced tea!

Just mix one can of frozen lemonade concentrate with 2 liters (.5 gallon) of chilled orange pekoe tea. Add cold water to taste and voila! Easy, non-powdery iced tea.

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Pretty Pink Pop

Fuchsia Sequin Trim by Zazuta

It’s amazing how the right shade of pink can add life to an object. Clothing, art, food – they all get more notice with a pink that pops.

Copyright 2011 Embracing Color and Zazuta

Alive with Orange

Orange Zest Collection

Orange is a lively color, full of vigor, vim and zest.  But to we perceive it that way because those qualities are also in the fruit?  Or is the fruit that way because of it’s color?

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