A Technicolor Christmas

the pink christmas tree!

Like rules, one of the great things about traditions is that you can break them. Although it’s nice to pass down a ritual through the generations, it’s also fun to bust out of the norm and do something really outrageous.

By now, the pink Christmas tree isn’t uncommon, but it is fun to see something a little more out of the ordinary. Even when we love red, white and green during the holidays, a splash of color can inspire a lot of smiles.

If you could have a quirky tree in any color, what would it be?

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Good Morning Green

Cherryies on Lime Plate Clock by MakingTimeEtc

Cherries on Lime Plate Clock

Created by makingtimetc

Is there any color that says “Good morning!” with more vim than lime green?  Just looking at it can inspire energy and cheer.  Imagine shuffling into your kitchen to put on the coffee every morning, and being greeted by bright and happy ceramics with pretty green glaze.  Wouldn’t waffles with strawberries or cherries would look even more delicious when contrasted against a bright green plate?

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