The Royal Color

Passionate Purple Treasury

Because most shades of purple dyes were so hard to create, the color came to represent wealth and prosperity.  Today we have our pick of purple and violet treasures, but the color still gives a sense of luxury.

What’s your favorite purple?

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Deepest Blue

Deepest Blue Etsy Treasury

Why do we associate blue with sadness?  Perhaps it is because blue can also represent coldness.  The deeper shades can represent shadows and darkness.

Still, it’s hard to think sad thoughts while viewing such beautiful colors.  These shades of deep blue and indigo have a fantastic, almost magical quality.

What emotions does blue stir in you?

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I Saw the Cyan

Etsy Treasury: Aqua Cyan Turquoise

Aqua Cyan Turquoise

Whatever you call it, pale blue is a calm, happy color.  It’s the color of clear skies and tropical beaches.  It’s a wedding color, and goes so well with other shades like black, brown and deep red.

Where does pale blue take you?

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Goodbye Gorgeous Greens!

Fresh Green Etsy Treasury

Fresh Green

Actually, here on the West Coast, winter is when we have the most greens. Still…

No matter what color your winter and fall season will be, it’s almost time to say goodbye to leaves and caterpillars and other green things.  Even if you love the oranges of autumn, I think everyone misses the fresh, dew-drop glittery potential of green summer mornings, once the frost begins to appear.

Which green will you miss the most?

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A Big Yellow Hug

Hello, Yellow! Treasury

Hello, Yellow!

Yellow is a hard color to wear, and doesn’t usually go with much.  It can be garish in home décor and tacky everywhere else…but it’s fantastic!

Yellow is the color of happiness, and friendship.  It’s a warm, cheerful color with lots of life.  Just try to look at banana, lemon or canary yellow and not feel great in that exact moment.

What yellow things make you happy?

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Happiness, Thy Name is Orange

Orange You Glad

Orange You Glad

The color orange is associated with energy, vim, and generosity.  People who love orange tend to be lively, lovable and strong-willed.  When we see orange, we think of warmth, comfort and happiness.

Hooray for orange!  What emotions does orange stir in you?

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Kiss Me Red

Etsy Picks: Kiss Me Red

Kiss Me Red

Bright, candy apple red lipstick is a trend that comes and goes. Although true red is a tough color for many people to wear – it requires a certain kind of complexion to look just right – it is still the iconic cosmetic color. If someone asked you to draw a picture of a lipstick on a dresser, what color would the makeup be? Chances are, you would reach for the red crayon, rather than pink or peach.

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