Aqua Washed Wall


Even a pale, muted, faded color can look intense in the right setting. Funny how a splash of faint color can bring new life to the most drab surroundings, and make it beautiful.

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A Sea of Lime Green

green sea of chairs

Do you stop to smell the roses, or photograph the chairs? How often do we get to appreciate how truly vibrant and interesting our surroundings are?

Sometimes, things become more special because we choose to see them that way. Although lime green chairs row by row is pretty wonderful, it took a photographer’s eye to really capture it.

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Real Life Yellow

yellow tunnel

We don’t often get to see bright, vibrant yellows out in the real world. It isn’t exactly a common color choice for buildings or fences. Just the occasional sports car.

So it’s fairly exciting to encounter something as bold as this yellow tunnel in Stockholm.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve seen yellow?

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Orange Beauty Fluttering By


Considering how important pollinating insects are to our world, it’s sad that we don’t often get to catch a glimpse of more than one butterfly at a time. If you live in a city, a butterfly like this one is a rare treat.

Do butterfly sightings make your day?

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The Gray Inukshuk

Inukshuk Sculpture, Nanaimo

In some parts of the world, the ocean is never a beautiful aqua blue. In fact, sometimes it’s downright dingy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful anyway.

And what better backdrop for a rock sculpture than moody gray?

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RED Raspberries


Why are artificially flavored raspberry treats always blue? Real raspberries aren’t blue, though they are almost a deep shape of magenta, which is really just blue-ish red. Is it really so difficult to fake that color? Perhaps cherry has dominated the red fake fruit role for so long that there’s just no room for another.

Which red fruit is your favorite?

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Aqua Seafoam

Handmade in Tropical Aqua Blue

Tropical blue is a wonderful mood enhancing color. If only it would jump off the page and wash right over you.

Can you imagine the warm sand, the salty air, and the gentle sounds of the surf?

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