Orange Beauty Fluttering By


Considering how important pollinating insects are to our world, it’s sad that we don’t often get to catch a glimpse of more than one butterfly at a time. If you live in a city, a butterfly like this one is a rare treat.

Do butterfly sightings make your day?

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Little Brown Hare

Brown Hare

We all know that chocolate milk does not come from brown cows, and Easter eggs don’t come from bunnies.

But if they did, wouldn’t it make more sense if chocolate eggs came from brown hares? Then white rabbits would probably lay malted eggs.

So where do jelly beans come from?

Happy Easter!

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Why so blue, Mr. Frog?

Blue Tree Frog by Marv

Blue Tree frog
Photo Credit: Marv!.

Here is another great example of nature trumping all of us with her amazing use of color. The stunning blue dart frog is stranger than fiction – something so beautiful it has to be real.

What’s the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen?

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