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Paint It Black

Black Roses

Why is it that we name things based on color, but get the color completely wrong? Most things that are called ‘black’ are actually something completely different. Can you imagine if black roses really looked like this?

Is there anything in nature that you would love to paint black?

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Not Quite Snow White

Birches in their Winter White

The beautiful and delicate white bark of a birch tree is one of nature’s many visual treats. It’s not only delightful in it’s own natural way, but also one of those rustic images that have stamped themselves on our subconscious.

It’s hard not to look at a view of birch trees in the snow, and not think of things like warm wood fires, sleigh bells, and log cabins.

What kinds of memories and emotions do you see in birch bark?

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Cozy and Green

Blue Spruce. White Snow.

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the fragrant scent of pine needles. Once a tree is tucked into a warm corner of the house, and decked with pretty decorations, the aroma can fill a whole room. It’s a soothing, green scent like no other.

What’s your favorite holiday fragrance?

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Goodbye Gorgeous Greens!

Fresh Green Etsy Treasury

Fresh Green

Actually, here on the West Coast, winter is when we have the most greens. Still…

No matter what color your winter and fall season will be, it’s almost time to say goodbye to leaves and caterpillars and other green things.  Even if you love the oranges of autumn, I think everyone misses the fresh, dew-drop glittery potential of green summer mornings, once the frost begins to appear.

Which green will you miss the most?

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Bring on the Orange

orange and black

Orange and Black by kaycatt*

Rejoice autumn lovers! September is finally here.

Even though summer vacation isn’t over yet, and fall doesn’t technically begin for another three weeks, it’s time to think orange! Leaves, pumpkins, fuzzy sweaters and scarves, steaming chai and so many more delights await in the cool crispness of fall.

What do you look forward to the most, come autumn?

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Pretty Purple Periwinkles

Periwinkle Pair, originally uploaded by The Sage’s Cupboard.

Isn’t it amazing how nature seems to pair up contrasting colors perfectly? Some people, when viewing one of these lovely periwinkle flowers on a pure white background, might say they were blue. The faintness of the color does allow for a little doubt. But when seen in their natural environment, the green leaves make sure that the purple stands out.

Do you ever argue with friends about the color of an object?  What color do you see in this photo?

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