A Parade of Beige

Rain on Your Parade


When in doubt, go with neutrals.

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vanilla ice cream

When it comes to color, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Take vanilla ice cream. We think of it as white, because that’s what color it is when it comes out of the machine at the hamburger place. But genuine ice cream made with real vanilla beans is a lovely pale beige, with tiny dots of brown vanilla goodness.

How does color effect your food choices?

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Wearable Warm Beige

Beige Blossoms Bobby Pins by Khalliahdesign

Beige Blossoms Bobby Pins
by Khalliahdesign


Nothing chases away the cold of winter like a hot drink. Whether you’re into cocoa or cappuccino, there’s something about a warm mug, topped with foam, that brings instant comfort.

These lovely floral barrettes seem to capture that warmth, with a beautiful shade of natural beige. Plus, being a neutral color, they have plenty of fashion versatility.

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Nutty for Neutral

All the Beige Collection

Fashion neutrals – colors that can be paired with anything – are essential for any wardrobe.  When we think of beige and taupe, stockings and pleated slacks might be the first thing that comes to mind.

But tan and ivory can be so much more, as these fun picks show.  This under-appreciated color pairs up so well with more vibrant colors – especially jewel tones like blues and deep reds.

What’s your favorite neutral?

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