A Sea of Lime Green

green sea of chairs

Do you stop to smell the roses, or photograph the chairs? How often do we get to appreciate how truly vibrant and interesting our surroundings are?

Sometimes, things become more special because we choose to see them that way. Although lime green chairs row by row is pretty wonderful, it took a photographer’s eye to really capture it.

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Ground Washing

Ground Washing

Washing the ground in the rain – the definition of asinine.

What’s the most ridiculous waste of resources you’ve ever witnessed?

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Margarita Summer

Handmade in Lime Collection

Lime green and chartreuse are perfect colors for summer. Not only are they bright and tropical, but very refreshing. There’s nothing like a cool margarita on a hot summer day.

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The Two Greens

green shoes

Every color has it’s time and place, and it’s usually worth noticing when it wanders out of it’s usual zone. Green is one of the most divided colors, always falling between normal and strange.

Green plants are totally natural, but green hair is wild. A green shirt is smart, but green shoes make a statement.

Which side of green to you like best?

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Chartreuse Lime Splash

Colors are a feast for our eyes, but sometimes they have flavor, too.  It’s probably a cultural thing, but lime green and chartreuse just scream sour.  Perhaps it’s because we expect foods of this color to have a lot of zing, but maybe it’s something more.  Bright green things have a vim and vigor that can’t be ignored.

Does lime green make you want to pull a lemon face?

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Cozy and Green

Blue Spruce. White Snow.

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the fragrant scent of pine needles. Once a tree is tucked into a warm corner of the house, and decked with pretty decorations, the aroma can fill a whole room. It’s a soothing, green scent like no other.

What’s your favorite holiday fragrance?

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Goodbye Gorgeous Greens!

Fresh Green Etsy Treasury

Fresh Green

Actually, here on the West Coast, winter is when we have the most greens. Still…

No matter what color your winter and fall season will be, it’s almost time to say goodbye to leaves and caterpillars and other green things.  Even if you love the oranges of autumn, I think everyone misses the fresh, dew-drop glittery potential of green summer mornings, once the frost begins to appear.

Which green will you miss the most?

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