Cherry Mousse

With Cherries on Top

Why is it that adding a bit of white makes colors instantly appealing, as if they’ve been diluted by mounds of sugar and whipped cream, butter, or eggs?

Do pastel colors remind you of desserts?

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Pretty Pink Pop

Fuchsia Sequin Trim by Zazuta

It’s amazing how the right shade of pink can add life to an object. Clothing, art, food – they all get more notice with a pink that pops.

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Lovely and Luscious Pink

Pink is for Lovers Collection

Pink has a lot of personalities. It’s the color for baby girls, bubblegum, and peppermint candies. But if you stop to think about it, pink can also be a very sensual color. It’s warm and playful – the perfect shade for lacy lingerie.

Don’t you think pink is romantic?

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A Technicolor Christmas

the pink christmas tree!

Like rules, one of the great things about traditions is that you can break them. Although it’s nice to pass down a ritual through the generations, it’s also fun to bust out of the norm and do something really outrageous.

By now, the pink Christmas tree isn’t uncommon, but it is fun to see something a little more out of the ordinary. Even when we love red, white and green during the holidays, a splash of color can inspire a lot of smiles.

If you could have a quirky tree in any color, what would it be?

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What Color is Your Shirt?

Pink Shirt Day - In SL - April 14th

Are you wearing pink today?

International STAND UP to Bullying Day isn’t just for students, parents and teachers. Bullying can happen to anyone, regardless of age. Bullying Awareness Week – November 14th to 20th – aims to eliminate the innocent bystander factor, and teach everyone to recognize and stop bullying wherever it occurs.

Wear pink and help get people talking!

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Magenta Magic

Etsy Picks: Magenta Magic

Magenta Magic

Right at this very moment, art teachers are telling children about the three primary colors.  And they’re getting it wrong.

Have you ever tried to mix red, yellow or blue paints?  It never works out as intended.  Red and yellow don’t make that crayon-perfect pumpkin orange.  It’s because the primary colors you need are magenta, yellow and cyan.

Magenta is what you would get if you mixed red with blue and white.  To make a perfect orange paint, you need a hint of pale blue!

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Etsy Picks: Think Pink

Etsy Treasury: Think Pink

Think Pink

Many wonderful things come in pink, such as: hearts, candy, flowers, babies, bubblegum, and clouds in the morning. What’s your favorite pink?

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