Purple Perplexities

Purple is a very contrary color. It is youthful and exuberant, and simultaneously sophisticated. Likewise, people who prefer the color purple are often imaginative, charismatic and poised, while also being restless and a bit scatterbrained. Or so they say.

What does purple bring out in you?

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Mardi Gras Purple

Mardi Gras

Get out your purple, green, and gold.  It’s Fat Tuesday!

The traditions and symbols surrounding the colors of Mardi Gras are much debated.  It is generally accepted that each color has a meaning.  For purple, it is Justice.  Perhaps it is this color that helps keep the celebrating going on a happy note.

Whatever color you wear, celebrate safely!

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The Royal Color

Passionate Purple Treasury

Because most shades of purple dyes were so hard to create, the color came to represent wealth and prosperity.  Today we have our pick of purple and violet treasures, but the color still gives a sense of luxury.

What’s your favorite purple?

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Pretty Purple Periwinkles

Periwinkle Pair, originally uploaded by The Sage’s Cupboard.

Isn’t it amazing how nature seems to pair up contrasting colors perfectly? Some people, when viewing one of these lovely periwinkle flowers on a pure white background, might say they were blue. The faintness of the color does allow for a little doubt. But when seen in their natural environment, the green leaves make sure that the purple stands out.

Do you ever argue with friends about the color of an object?  What color do you see in this photo?

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Purple Sunset


Originally uploaded by _ØяAcLә_.

Is there anyone who is not moved by a beautiful sunset? The amazing colors, shadows and effects that occur as the sun dips below the horizon have been the subject of so much poetry and art that it has probably entered the realm of cliche.

When you see a technicolor sunset, does it bring you joy or sadness? Although gorgeous, the most surreal of twilight displays are often caused by air pollution. It’s one of life’s cruel ironies.

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