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Unforgettable Red



If Nigella Lawson is remembered for all time by just one recipe, it will probably be Slut Red Raspberries in Chardonnay Jelly. The dessert is rumored to be even more surprising (in a delicious way) than the name.

That adjective is certainly interesting though. It cleverly makes it impossible for you to forget what the dish is called. Presumably, it is meant to imply intensity or seductiveness – all good qualities in a dessert.

What do you think?


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RED Raspberries


Why are artificially flavored raspberry treats always blue? Real raspberries aren’t blue, though they are almost a deep shape of magenta, which is really just blue-ish red. Is it really so difficult to fake that color? Perhaps cherry has dominated the red fake fruit role for so long that there’s just no room for another.

Which red fruit is your favorite?

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Red Sky at Night

Blue Forest Red Sky Giclee Print by BloomingVineDesign

Blue Forest Red Sky
by BloomingVineDesign

Is there anything more mysterious or beautiful than a red sky? A crimson sunset can stir up many emotions, foretell the future, and inspire an artist.

Red is quite the powerful color, especially when it shows up in unexpected places.

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Red Shoes Rock

Paint the Town Collection

Red and fashion really go together. It’s such a classic, iconic color. And it can turn a pair of ordinary shoes into power shoes.

Imagine your favorite red thing as a different color. Does it lose some of it’s charm?

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Seeing Red

Under The Sea

Under the Sea – Soft Coral and Sponges in the Gulf of Mexico
by Greenpeace

This photograph was taken during a recent dive by a team of scientists on behalf of Greenpeace.  They have been exploring ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, in an attempt to assess and predict the damages caused by the BP oil disaster.  Precious marine life is not only affected by the oil itself, but by toxic chemical dispersants used to clean up the spill.

If you could save just one species of sea creature, what would it be?  Can you think of one petrochemical product that you can live without, to help protect that creature?

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Kiss Me Red

Etsy Picks: Kiss Me Red

Kiss Me Red

Bright, candy apple red lipstick is a trend that comes and goes. Although true red is a tough color for many people to wear – it requires a certain kind of complexion to look just right – it is still the iconic cosmetic color. If someone asked you to draw a picture of a lipstick on a dresser, what color would the makeup be? Chances are, you would reach for the red crayon, rather than pink or peach.

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Red is Sassy

Hey Carmen Treasury by alatvian

Hey Carmen

Is there anything more sensual and sassy than the color red?  Why else would lipstick come in so many different shades of it?  Red is one of the most used colors for advertising and product labels, because it inspires feelings of hunger and desire.  When we see something red, we instantly want it.

This treasury pairs deep, enticing reds with equally sexy black, with exotic results.

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