Aqua Washed Wall


Even a pale, muted, faded color can look intense in the right setting. Funny how a splash of faint color can bring new life to the most drab surroundings, and make it beautiful.

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Waves of Menthol

Turquoise is such a cool and refreshing color.  It’s one part stone, one part ocean, and one part menthol.  But one of these things is not like the others.  It’s interesting how we can associate colors with both natural and man made sensations and themes.

Do you prefer the natural, or synthetic moods of turquoise?

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I Saw the Cyan

Etsy Treasury: Aqua Cyan Turquoise

Aqua Cyan Turquoise

Whatever you call it, pale blue is a calm, happy color.  It’s the color of clear skies and tropical beaches.  It’s a wedding color, and goes so well with other shades like black, brown and deep red.

Where does pale blue take you?

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