Real Life Yellow

yellow tunnel

We don’t often get to see bright, vibrant yellows out in the real world. It isn’t exactly a common color choice for buildings or fences. Just the occasional sports car.

So it’s fairly exciting to encounter something as bold as this yellow tunnel in Stockholm.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve seen yellow?

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Happy Mother’s Day


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Sour Puss

I'm Swimming in Lemonade

When life gives you lemonade, make iced tea!

Just mix one can of frozen lemonade concentrate with 2 liters (.5 gallon) of chilled orange pekoe tea. Add cold water to taste and voila! Easy, non-powdery iced tea.

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Shine on Yellow!

Think Warm

Think Warm by Mortira featuring a mod coat

Have you ever felt a little glum from gray weather day after day, only to be cheered up by the sight of a bright yellow raincoat?

The appearance of a yellow slicker is charming in itself, but there’s something about that color that can turn any frown upside down. It’s warm and cheerful – a healthy color. Things that are yellow seem to have more zest and vim. Nothing makes the gray seem less complete the way yellow does.

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A Big Yellow Hug

Hello, Yellow! Treasury

Hello, Yellow!

Yellow is a hard color to wear, and doesn’t usually go with much.  It can be garish in home décor and tacky everywhere else…but it’s fantastic!

Yellow is the color of happiness, and friendship.  It’s a warm, cheerful color with lots of life.  Just try to look at banana, lemon or canary yellow and not feel great in that exact moment.

What yellow things make you happy?

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Nature Walk: Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom, originally uploaded by The Sage’s Cupboard.

Even terrible things can be beautiful. Scotch Broom is an awful culprit for hay fever, which for some is bad enough. It is also an invasive species in British Columbia. It not only chokes out other plants, including young trees, but also increases the risk and intensity of wildfire in rural areas.

But what a great yellow!

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The Egg or the Apple

Yellow Apple by Zajac

Yellow Apple, originally uploaded by Zajac.

The poor yellow apple is so very neglected. Have you ever seen an ABC book with a yellow apple under A? Gifts for teachers always have red apples on them. Cartoon characters never toss non-red apples at each other. For some reason, our minds can only recognize an artist’s rendering of an apple if it is red.

For an art assignment once, I had to attempt to color in an apple drawing, using only blue or purple pencils. To get an A, the apple had to look red. Apparently the brain automatically searches for the red color when presented with the shape of an apple. But is that caused by nature, or years of shiny red apple drawings all over our school classrooms?

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